Marine Workers and Boilermakers – Bargaining Committee Update

March 29, 2018

To: all MoveUP members at the Marine Workers and Boilermakers Local 1

Your union and Marine Workers and Boilermakers Local 1 will be heading to the bargaining table to negotiate a new collective agreement.

I am writing to offer a quick introduction and update to the bargaining process

Your bargaining committee

Your committee is made up of your coworkers and colleagues because that is who they represent. Based on your feedback and input through the bargaining survey your committee will compose bargaining proposals. Your bargaining committee does not have the final say about what is in the collective agreement – you do through your vote.

Denyse Dehler is the bargaining committee member for this round of negotiations.

Union representative Cheryl Popeniuk will be the chief spokesperson for the bargaining committee along with myself, Alina Teymory, sitting as co-chair.

Bargaining survey

In preparation for bargaining we have attached a bargaining survey (click here) that we ask that you fill out.  The survey asks a series of questions about your work and conditions of employment.  It is designed to determine what is good about your current working conditions under the collective agreement and what conditions could be improved upon.

It’s incredibly important for you to offer your input to your bargaining committee members.  They are your voice at the table and they need to hear from you.  I hope everyone will take the time to meet with your committee members, and voice your thoughts and concerns regarding the collective agreement.

A bargaining survey will be distributed to you at your home email address therefore it is very important that we have your most current contact information. The survey asks a series of questions about your work and conditions of employment.  It is designed to find out what is good about your current working conditions and what could be improved upon.

By completing the survey prior to the deadline of April 19, 2018, you will assist your bargaining committee in addressing the areas of the collective agreement that are a concern to you and/or you feel need updating.


After the survey is complete, the union would like to arrange a meeting after hours to discuss the survey results and proposals with the membership. Please kindly advise what day/time works best for the membership the week of April 22, 2018.

Thank you in advance for your participation and we will be updating you with our progress along the course of negotiations.

In solidarity,

Cheryl Popeniuk, Union Representative
Alina Teymory, Union Representative

File Number: 18-M&B1-BARG-Bargaining 101-March 29
Union Label: AT:sh usw2009


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