Nearly 800 ICBC Workers Strike Across BC

September 7, 2012

On Wednesday, September 5, 780 ICBC workers walked the picket line in an effort to reach a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

The MoveUP members joined members of the BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU) and the Professional Employees Association (PEA) in a day of action targeted at the government and ICBC. In total, 27,000 public workers went out on strike. Read the Opinion Editorial co-authored by MoveUP’s President David Black, the BCGEU’s Darryl Walker and the PEA’s Scott McCannell outlining the reasons for the strike in the Vancouver Sun here.

MoveUP members at ICBC have been without a collective agreement for over two years. They’ve seen ICBC’s executives and business partners receive massive pay increases at the same time as their paycheques have been eroded by inflation.

ICBC’s unionized employees have had enough and took to the picket line to voice their displeasure and to demand a fair agreement.
MoveUP’s members walked the picket line at over 20 locations across B.C. The largest pickets were at the Surrey Guildford Corporate Claims office, where about 500 workers were out, and the Victoria Head Office, where 250 people joined the strike.

The MoveUP Facebook page has photos from several locations – click here to visit the page’s photo album.

MoveUP is proud of its members for the fantastic job they did on the picket line, and grateful for their support.