MoveUP Releases Video on Return to Bargaining Table with ICBC

November 2, 2011

MoveUP Releases Video on Return to Bargaining Table with ICBC
“Collective Bargaining Works” Shows How Members Can Work Together to Achieve Gains

BURNABY – In October, MoveUP and ICBC returned to the bargaining table to resume collective agreement negotiations. Today MoveUP Vice President for ICBC Jeff Gillies released the third video in the “Driving a New Mandate” campaign.

This video, entitled “Collective Bargaining Works” is aimed at ICBC members, the vast majority of whom are standing strongly behind the bargaining committee.

“Our members have been waiting a long time for some fair treatment,” said Gillies. “They’ve told us time and time again in focus groups, surveys, and worksite visits that they have serious issues like workload and wages that need to be addressed.”

COPE President David Black pointed out that MoveUP members at ICBC haven’t seen a wage or benefit increase since 2009, while executives, lawyers, and many ICBC business partners have seen increases:

“ICBC is tremendously profitable, due in no small part to our members’ hard work and commitment to providing the best possible customer service for British Columbians. Our members are standing together to tell ICBC they need to recognize that hard work.”

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