Coast Community Credit Union Inaugural Stewards Meeting

March 2, 2010

On January 28th, MoveUP held an inaugural Stewards meeting for the Coast Community Credit Union Job Stewards. This meeting marked the first time all of the CCCU stewards gathered together for a formal meeting.

Almost twenty stewards made the journey to Parksville for the meeting from towns as far away as Port Hardy and as close as Chemaimus. The stewards, who were previously part of COPE 15, were met by MoveUP elected representatives and staff to talk about their new local and the year ahead. MoveUP’s delegation included Vice President David Black, Transition Officer Heather Lee, Component A Executive Board member Nancy Barrett, Union Representative Jack Gerow and Organizer Darren Patrick.

After greeting the stewards with new MoveUP steward’s pins, Vice President Black took some time to introduce them to the functions, policies and goals of their new local. He outlined the role of the Vice Presidents within the local, gave an overview on the strike fund and the procedures attached to the fund, and reminded everyone of the upcoming March Job Steward seminar. Black talked a bit about the progressive goals and efforts of local 378, including our political work and green initiatives.

Transition Officer Heather Lee and Board Member Nancy Barrett brought the stewards up-to-date on the state of the COPE 15 – MoveUP merger transition. While many of the larger issues have been taken care of, local 378 is solving many of the finer outstanding details as the merger is finalized.

Laurie Kirk was confirmed as the Chief Job Steward as per the CCCU collective agreement. Sister Kirk replaced the Acting Chief Job Steward, Carolyn Davenport. MoveUP would like to acknowledge that the members, stewards and elected representatives owe Sister Davenport a debt of gratitude for the work she did as Acting Chief Job Steward.

The meeting attendees spent some time discussing open grievances then turned to the selection of the CCCU Bargaining Committee.

The CCCU Bargaining Committee is:

  • Laurie Kirk, Discovery
  • Carolyn Davenport, Credit Recovery
  • Donna Hedley, Port Alberni
  • Emma O’Sullivan, Comox/Courtneay
  • Suzi Jack, Campbell River Insurance

The CCCU collective agreement expires June 30, 2010. All MoveUP members at CCCU should expect to receive a bulletin and survey to determine bargaining priorities and expectations within the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or comments, please call your union office at 1-800-665-6838.