AvisBudget, Enterprise & Hertz – Vaccination Site

March 9, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at Avis, Enterprise & Hertz

MoveUP has been made aware of an opportunity for some laid off members to assist with the mass vaccination site being set up at River Rock Casino.   Members who are interested are encouraged to apply as per the instructions provided below.

Members who are successful in obtaining employment at the vaccination site will retain their recall rights at their employers should a recall happen while they are engaged at the vaccination site.

Please be advised that all work conditions and hiring decisions will be made by YVR and Vancouver Coastal Health.  While MoveUP encourages any members who are interested to apply, we will not have a role in any of the work conditions at the vaccination site.  Members who are interested are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as positions are limited.

Here is the announcement:

Hiring is now open for YVR’s mass vaccination site at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health.  YVR invites you to review the temporary positions available and submit your application to the role(s) you see the greatest fit and have interest in.  We are looking for minimum 50 people for a March 16 start date and will be adding more people for April 16, so please let us know your preferred start date.  The mass vaccination site will operate through to the end of September.

Click Apply here to access the postings for the 4 roles available.

Roles are as follows:

·         Data Entry Clerks

·         Flow Monitors

·         Pre-Registration Greeters

·         Runners

Link Address: https://phf.tbe.taleo.net/phf02/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?act=redirectCws&cws=49&org=YVR

In Solidarity,

Shawn Lakusta, Union Representative

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