AVIS – Union Representation – Know Your Rights!

April 15, 2024

To: All MoveUP members at Avis Budget Group

As a member of our union, one of the core rights you are entitled is the right to representation. This is particularly important for you to note if you are ever called into a meeting which may be of a disciplinary nature, even if the pretext of the meeting does not make that clear.

Article 8 in your collective agreement provides you with certain rights for your protection when you are called in for any discussion which may result in disciplinary action. You have the right to refuse to participate in any interaction with the company, or any person acting on behalf of the company, if you believe the interaction should require union representation but such representation is not present.

If the topic of the meeting turns to something that may become disciplinary, such as dissatisfaction with your attendance or job performance, please request to pause the meeting and request to have a job steward to support you.

We encourage you to exercise this important right because the presence of your job steward ensures that your rights are observed in disciplinary meetings. Your job steward will also take meeting notes which we rely on if we file a grievance.

Job stewards must treat all information as confidential. Part of the role of a job steward is to advise if the actions taken by the employer can be grieved and advise you of your rights.

Please note that letters of expectation are not supposed to be disciplinary. Therefore, you should not require the attendance of a job steward. However, if you feel that the letter is disciplinary in nature, or could lead to discipline, we recommend that you contact a job steward (job steward list below) to review the document with you.  Please send a copy of the letter to your union representative, Ward Edgar at wedgar@moveuptogether.ca  

It is important to understand that a letter can be disciplinary in its content even if the company says it is non-disciplinary. In the past, when required, our union has grieved content in letters of expectation and have been successful in having the content corrected.

If you are unsure, or require clarification, please reach out to a job steward for assistance.

In solidarity,

Ward Edgar, Union Representative
Christy Slusarenko, Vice President Combined Units

File Number: 24-AVIS-BLTN-Union Representation-Apr 15
Union Label: vs:USW2009


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