ABSBC – BC Hydro Repatriation Clarification

July 14, 2017

To: All MoveUP members at Accenture Business Services (excluding Tempworks)

Some members have asked questions about the BC Hydro job offer process following the July Repatriation Newsletter that was circulated by email on July 10.

We’ve asked BC Hydro to clarify each of the steps and wish to share this information with our members:

  • BC Hydro’s hiring process will begin on July 31 for unionized roles, with the exception of Tempworks. There is nothing you need to do until this date unless you will be away and not able to access your ABSBC email from July 31 to August 25. If you will be away, please contact BC Hydro at ABSTransition@bchydro.com with your personal email address and to make alternative arrangements.
  • On July 31, ABSBC will forward you an email from BC Hydro asking you to click on a link to an online consent form. You need to complete the consent form to give ABSBC your permission to release information to BC Hydro on your job, status, pay, etc. Otherwise, BC Hydro does not know who you are and is not able to offer you a job in November. 
  • You have until August 25 to complete the online consent form. If you do not wish to receive a job offer from BC Hydro, you can indicate this and the full consent form is not required. If you are uncertain about your decision at that time, complete the full consent form.
  • In the same July 31 email, you will also be asked to go online (a link will be provided and create a candidate profile on e-recruit). This includes providing contact information for future communications. You have until September 15 to complete your profile on e-recruit. By using your profile and the job information provided by ABSBC, BC Hydro will be able to process a job offer for you in November.
  • All job offer letters will be sent out in November.  Since BC Hydro is not able to send out all the offers on the same day, they are planning to ‘batch’ the offers by business group. Once they have a schedule and dates, they will communicate this so people will know when to expect their offer.
  • Once you receive an offer, you will then have 3 business days to accept or decline the offer. As required by the Memorandum of Agreement, the job offer will be for your current base job, group level, status (regular, temporary, casual) and term. If you accept the job offer you will begin employment with BC Hydro on May 1, 2018 unless you are on leave of absence.  Note that you must be actively employed by ABSBC on April 30, 2018 to be eligible for this job.

If you have questions about this process, you can contact BC Hydro at ABSTransition@bchydro.com

In Solidarity,

Barbara Junker, Union Representative
Cheryl Popeniuk, Union Representative

File Number: 16-0672
Union Label: BJ:cm usw2009

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