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Credit unions should be focused on people, not just the pursuit of profit. Unfortunately, many credit unions fall short on that especially when it comes to treating their own staff with respect.


Credit union workers fair representation and compensation for the work that they do. By joining MoveUP, we can make that happen together. Let’s put the union back into credit unions.

MoveUP members who work at a credit union

Who we represent in the credit union sector

Click on each of the credit union logos above to learn more about the work we do for our members who work there. You can also find a copy of the collective agreement for each workplace.

Why join our union

Without a union, employers call the shots. Workers don’t get a say in the terms and conditions that affect their everyday life. When you join our union, we get a seat at the table when terms and conditions are being negotiated. Your voice will matter. Decisions in a union are participatory and democratic. Your terms and conditions will be written down in a collective agreement which will be created from your input and voted on by you. Imagine coming to work feeling that you are a supported, respected member of the team.

When you join our union, you have support. Whether it is navigating a health and safety issue, filing a grievance, or understanding your rights under the collective agreement, we support you. Your worksite will have trained union stewards who will assist with matters in the workplace as they arise, and an experienced union representative will lead negotiations and assist you with any grievances.  Unions bring people together and together we are strong – it’s called solidarity.

A fundamental principle to unions is fairness. Whether it is applying terms and conditions, hiring and promoting staff, or scheduling shifts and vacation, in a union workplace fairness and equality matter most.

Unions negotiate for improvements in terms and conditions. Union members vote on changes to their working conditions, and the employer is bound by law to negotiate and follow the terms of the collective agreement.

You spend a lot of time at work – it should be enjoyable and your time off shouldn’t be spent worrying about work.

What do we bargain for? The priorities are set by you and your coworkers when we begin to negotiate. Some examples of what workers bargain for:

By law, the employer should comply with the Workers Compensation Act. A union holds the employer accountable and ensures improvements to health and safety are at the forefront. 

Your time off is when you can spend time with family, rest and relax so you are in best form when you return to work.  

Working now should help you retire with dignity later. Unions help you plan for retirement and negotiate plans that support you when it’s time.

We are experiencing the highest inflation in a generation. Are your wages keeping up? Unions negotiate dignified, fairly-distributed wages and annual increases so you know what your next increase will be and when you will get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

To bring the union to a workplace, workers sign confidential union cards.  You can sign electronically here or see the form at the bottom of this page. The labour code dictates that when a union collects cards for 45% of the workforce, it can apply for certification.  We always apply with a much stronger majority, to ensure the wishes of the workers are well-established. If over 55% of the workforce signs up, the workplace is automatically certified and the employees become MoveUP members.

Your employer will likely not be in favour of you joining a union. Under the BC Labour Relations Code, you cannot be intimidated, coerced or disciplined for supporting a union. We take this very seriously and so does the law. Employers have the right to state their opinion about unions, and they often do. This may come in the form of memos to staff, more staff meetings or pizza parties. Do not be fooled – the employer may promise changes to make the workers happier, but we have seen time and time again that promises like this often fall flat or are short lived. Please contact us immediately if you are approached by the employer about our union.

Union dues are 1.5% of your gross earnings. With MoveUP, you do not pay until you vote to accept a collective agreement. Dues are tax-deductible.

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When signing the card, please use the ‘draw’ feature and physically sign your signature as if you were signing a piece of paper. DO NOT use the Type function. Only hand-drawn signatures can be accepted by the BC Labour Board. Typed signatures will not be accepted by the BC Labour Board.

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