Election 2018

MoveUP has listened to our members’ feedback and, for our upcoming election for the positions of President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Board members, respectively, we’re getting with the times and making the voting process more simple, more cost-efficient, and more accessible so that all members will have a chance to participate in the democratic process.

Candidate Bios Guide

Click here for the 2018 General Elections Candidate Guide.

What do I need?

  1. A computer with Internet access. This can be a computer at home, at your neighbour’s place, or at a local library. The voting is done online through a web browser so you won’t need any special software or to download anything.
  2. Your member number. You can find your member number by logging into the Member Portal. The Member Portal link can be found on the top right hand corner of every page on the MoveUP website, or simply click on the button below.

member portal button


When does the voting occur?

Voting will be open from September 7 to 27. Members can log on to the Member Portal at any time between those dates to cast their vote online. Voting will close at 4:30 p.m. on September 27 sharp. No ballots or online votes will be accepted after the deadline has passed.


How do I get my member number?

You can find your member number at any time by logging into the Member Portal if you have previously registered on it.

Your member number has also been sent to you via:

  1. Email to your personal email address.
  2. Direct mail to your home address in late June.

We encourage you to log in to the Member Portal whenever possible to ensure your email address and your home mailing address are accurate. You should also ensure that you are receiving MoveUP emails by ensuring your junk mail filter allows emails that come from the moveuptogether.ca domain. If you have not been receiving emails from MoveUP lately, please contact the MoveUP office at 604-299-0378 or 1-800-665-6838.

For security reasons, our membership department cannot give you your member number over the phone. However, if you are having difficulty logging in to the Member Portal, please contact our office and ask to speak to a Membership Services representative.


How do I log on to the Member Portal?


  1. Click on the Member Portal link in the top right hand corner of the MoveUP website, or on the button below.member portal button
  2. Login to the account by entering your email address and password that you have previously set up. If you have forgotten either, you can click on either the “Forgot your username?” or “Forgot your password?” to find your login information. If you have not previously set up your access to the Member Portal, you can do so by clicking the “Sign Up Now” button.


How do I register my profile on the Member Portal?

If you haven’t signed into the Member Portal before, you will need to register your profile in a few easy steps so that you are able to vote.

  1. Go to the Member Portal page by clicking on the box in the top right corner of the website or this link.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up Now” box which is right below the words “FIRST TIME HERE?”
  3. Complete the information required. You will need your membership number which is printed on the back of your membership card, and has also been sent to you recently in the mail as well as by email. If you do not have your membership number, please contact the MoveUP office at 604-299-0378 or 1-800-665-6838 and ask to speak to a Membership Representative. Your Member ID number is a unique number assigned to you, please keep this information confidential.
  4. Once the form is fully completed, click on “Register” and you will be ready to vote in the fall.


How do I vote?

A step-by-step guide on how to vote will be available shortly.


Do I have to vote online?

We encourage all members to utilize the online voting platform for the reasons we listed – it is simple (anybody can do it!), it is more cost-efficient for your union, and it is easily accessible to all (a computer and Internet connection is all you need).

However, if you are unable to vote online, you may request a paper ballot by emailing at ygarie@moveuptogether.ca or by calling the MoveUP office. The final deadline for requesting a paper ballot is Tuesday, September 18.


If I choose to vote offline, how do I submit my ballot?

Your ballot must be sent to, and received by, the MoveUP office by 4:30 p.m. on September 27. Full instructions on how to complete and mail your ballot will be sent to you.


Where can I find information on the candidates who are running?

Click here for the 2018 General Elections Candidate Guide.


When will we know the results of the election?

The results of the vote will be announced once the Returning Officer has been able to count and verify the results.


Bulletins and updates

Nominations Now Open for MoveUP’s Executive Board and Officer Elections – August 3
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Important voting information coming in the mail – June 28