Vancouver Shipyards – Ratification Vote Results – Nov 9

November 9, 2018

To: All Vancouver Shipyard MoveUP Members

Further to our bulletin dated November 5, 2018, a ratification vote was held on November 8, 2018 at Vancouver Shipyards by the VSY Council of Unions.

We are pleased to announce that the membership in the VSY Council of Unions has voted in favour of the most recent Memorandum of Settlement, with the removal of the Compressed Work Week, as recommended by Grant McArthur, Mediator.

The November 8th VSY Council of Unions results:

646 ballots distributed
646 ballots returned
394 Yes
253 No
0 spoiled or not returned
61% in favour, 39% against

The November 8th MoveUP Results:

11 Ballots Distributed
11 Ballots Returned
9 Yes
2 No
0 spoiled or not returned
82% in favour, 18% against

Your collective agreement will be updated to reflect the changes in the Memorandum of Settlement and copies will be sent to you once completed.

Thank you all for your time and effort to successfully conclude this round of bargaining.

In solidarity,


Jim Reith, Job Steward
Yudon Garie, Union Representative
Kevin Smyth, Senior Union Representative


File Number: 18-SEASPAN-BLTN-Vote Results-Nov 9
Union Label: kp:USW2009


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