Tentative Agreement Reached with Yellow Pages

December 17, 2018

To: All MoveUP members at Yellow Pages

At the outset of our negotiations in October, the Employer listed several “non-negotiable” demands of our Union that they said were necessary for the company to have a chance at survival. By this time, Yellow Pages employees in Quebec had already been locked out by the Employer for over 5 weeks over these demands. Employees in Alberta had averted a lockout by agreeing to take the same demands to their membership for a vote.

While your Bargaining Committee engaged in negotiations, both Alberta and Quebec eventually came to agreements that essentially incorporated these two “non-negotiables”.

On November 30, the Employer presented one of these demands: the new Compensation Plan. On the same day, and on December 7, the Bargaining Committee reviewed the other of these non-negotiables: the removal of seniority from the layoff language.

As a result of all of this, your Bargaining Committee and the Employer have reached a tentative agreement for a new Collective Agreement:

Some main changes for the new Collective Agreement include:

Compensation Plan
As presented by the Employer, the base salaries for all employees for the term of the Agreement will be as follows:

Acquisition: $32,000/year, Advantage: $35,000/year, Premise: $40,000/year.

If, as a result of the 2018 Performance Increment being implemented, an employee’s base salary rises above the base salaries listed in the Collective Agreement, the employee will be given the higher of the two salaries for the term of the Agreement.

All variable compensation will be removed from the Collective Agreement and determined by the Employer. The Employer will, however, be required to meet with our Union to discuss any changes prior to them taking effect.

The Employer is committing to a guarantee of 85% of the average of your 2016, 2017, and 2018 income, as indicated on your T4 forms. These amounts will be reconciled at the end of each quarter.

Rather than seniority being the determining factor in the order of layoffs, the basic principle in applying layoff to any employee shall now be based on and lowest performance assessment result which takes into account performance in areas such as net gain, renewal, productivity, claims, acquisition, auto-renewal, product mix sell, and values and any other criteria identified by the Employer.

Paid Holidays
Employees will now be able to exchange two paid holidays (Easter Monday and Boxing Day) for alternate days for personal or religious reasons.

Bereavement Leave
Mother and Father are now added to the five (5) day provision of this clause. Previously they were in the three (3) day provision.

Your bargaining committee is recommending ratification of the tentative collective agreement. The memorandum of agreement can be found here.

Voting will start today and close at noon on Thursday, December 20, by electronic balloting. Voting will be conducted online to improve efficiency. Visit for instructions on how to cast your vote online. Please ensure that you cast your vote.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Genevié Duford, Job Steward
Hermon Tesfaghebriel, Job Steward
Ashley Westenberg, Job Steward
Hayley Scott, Job Steward
Noel Gulbransen, Union Representative



File Number: 18-YPG-BARG-Tentative Agreement-December 17
Union Label: NG/LJ: USW2009

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