Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre – Changes to certification

June 25, 2018

To: all MoveUP members at Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre Society

The Employer contacted the Union regarding the certification issued by the Labour Relations Board. The Employer correctly pointed out that the certification as issued was in error, and based on parts of the Labour Code that have been repealed. However, the Employer and the Union have agreed to the following:

  • The Employer will apply to the Labour Board to correct the certification so that while you will not be part of the CIATU certification, MoveUP will be certified to represent you with the Sheet Metal Industry Training Board.
  • Once the certification is corrected, the Union and the Employer will bargain a new collective agreement that is between MoveUP and the Sheet Metal Industry Training Board. The Employer has agreed that we will use the CIATU collective agreement as the baseline for negotiations, and we’ll make minor changes as necessary to reflect unique features of the workplace at Sheet Metal Industry Training Board.

In the meantime, the Employer has agreed that everything will remain the same at your workplace while we work this out.

In Solidarity,

Noel Gulbransen
Union Representative

File Number: 18-SMWTC-BLTN-Changes to Certification-June 25
Union Label: NG:sh usw2009


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