MoveUP Dispatch

May 17, 2017

To: All MoveUP members working in labour group bargaining units

Sisters and Brothers

MoveUP has recently updated processes for dispatch and we wanted to advise you of these changes.

As a member of MoveUP who is employed in one of the labour group bargaining units you are entitled to apply for placement on the dispatch list should you be:

  • working part-time with this employer and looking for more part-time work to bridge your hours to full time employment or
  • leave this position as long as your dues remain current.

Should you be included in one of the above scenarios you can apply to be placed on dispatch which would give you access to short term placements within these labour group employers.

When you apply to be placed on dispatch we will ask you to forward a current resume including your typing speed, your software skills and experience as well as any other work experience such as bookkeeping/accounting. Once approved to be placed on dispatch we will have you complete and sign a dispatch process declaration. Application can be submitted to the dispatch email address (below).

As a MoveUP member currently employed in the labour group you have the right to submit applications to labour group postings distributed through the dispatch list. When a posting comes to the dispatch desk it is circulated to the job stewards, executive councillors and or distributors in your work place. They in turn will pass the postings on to you for your consideration. If there is no steward or councillor at your worksite let us know.

Please do not share these postings with anyone other than your MoveUP co-workers.

While not all language in collective agreements in the labour group provide first rights to apply, most do and we want to be sure our members’ rights are protected. Should you apply to a posting it is crucial that you advise the dispatch desk.

If you have any questions regarding dispatch feel free to contact us by phone at 604-299-0378 or by email at dispatch@moveuptogether.ca.


In Solidarity,

Amber Hockin
Director of Operations

File Number: 17-MU-BLTN-MoveUP-Dispatch
Union Label: jb:usw2009

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