MoveUP Bulletin: CAPU – Working Within Your Job Classification

June 17, 2016

To all MoveUP Members at Capilano University:

Article 26.01 of your collective agreement sets out that every MoveUP job at Capilano University must be covered by a class specification. Each job class specification sets out an overview of the job and a list of the duties and responsibilities that go along with it.

What do you do if your manager asks you to work outside of your job classification?

Except in very limited circumstances, the rule is “work now, grieve later.” That means that you should perform the work you are directed to do. Your recourse is through the grievance procedure under Article 7, not through refusal of work. If you do refuse to perform work, you could be disciplined for insubordination even if a grievance is ultimately successful.

The exceptions to this rule are if the work is illegal, if the work is unsafe, or if there would be some harm that could not be remedied through the grievance procedure, such as (for example) a direction contrary to a religious belief. In these cases, you may refuse to perform the work. We recommend consulting with a job steward or the union office before refusing to perform any work to ensure that you are within your rights to do so.

The “work now, grieve later” rule does not mean that you cannot raise an objection with your manager. In fact, we recommend that you do, as your manager may simply be unaware of the rules. We suggest taking the following approach if you are asked to perform work you believe is outside of your job classification:

  1. Respectfully inform your manager that you believe the work they are asking you to do is not within your job description and request that they reassign the work to a more appropriate employee;
  2. If your manager continues to ask that you perform the work in question, ask them if they are directing you to perform the work;
  3. If your manager directs you to perform the work in question, perform the work as directed;
  4. As soon as possible thereafter, contact a job steward, who can advise you on your rights, including whether or not you have grounds to advance a grievance under the collective agreement.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak with a job steward or get in touch with the union office.

In solidarity,
Tony Geluch, Union Representative

File Number: 16-CAPU-BLTN-Working Within Your Job Classification-Jun17
Union Label: TG/sh: usw2009

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