CRNBC, CRPNBC & CLPNBC working for BCCNP – Section 35

January 17, 2019

To: All Members of CRNBC, CRPNBC and CLPNBC working for BCCNP

We have received a copy of the Employer’s application to the Labour Relations Board for successorship under Section 35 of the Labour Code.

While the Parties had reached agreement in principal on many issues pertaining to the merge, there were a few key items that we could not reach agreement on, despite our efforts.

Unfortunately, it appears in the application, that the Employer is ignoring the items we had agreed on in principal, and simply wants to have everyone work under the CRNBC Collective Agreement, which would result in significant reductions in working conditions for some members who came from CRPNBC and CLPNBC.

We are reviewing the application, and awaiting instructions from the LRB for reply.

Once we’ve completely reviewed the application, and once we receive instructions from the Labour Board, we will formulate our reply.

We will update you with any further developments.

In Solidarity,

Noel Gulbransen
Union Representative

File Number: 19-CRNBC-CRPNBC-CLPNBC working for BCCNP-Section 35-January 17
Union Label: NG:kc


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