COVID19 – Flatten the Curve – Update # 1 – March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

To: All MoveUP Members at AMS, BCFMWU, BCNU, BCGEU,LCC, CCL, HEI, IAM764, IAM250, IAMAW140, BM191, M&B1, TEAM155, TEAM213, TEAM213MBP, TEAM31, Unifor1928, UFAWU, ITT

MoveUP has created a COVID 19 resource page on our website. The page has excellent information covering as much as we know to date and how to apply for and receive the various benefits being offered by both levels of government.


In Solidarity,

Kelly Quinn
Union Representative

File Number: 20-COVID19-Flatten-the-Curve-KQ-Units-March-19
Union Label: km/usw2009


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