COVID 19 what MoveUP is requesting from your Employers – Update # 2 – March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

To: All MoveUP Members at AMS, BCFMWU, BCNU, BCGEU, IAM764, IAM250, IAMAW140, BM191, M&B1, TEAM155, TEAM213, TEAM213MBP, TEAM31, Unifor1928, UFAWU, ITT

As an update to past bulletins MoveUP is continuing it’s advocacy with your employers. Recently both Quebec and Ontario have ordered non-essential services to close. We know that healthcare, some transportation, telecommunications and grocery services are considered essential. Services deemed essential will be listed.

We are advising Employers to provide us with their plans to transition their workforce to work from home. We have asked to communicate and work with the Union if they cannot transition to a work from home scenario. MoveUP wants to ensure that employers work with your Union to assist all members in either a transition to work from home or if the Employer determines layoffs will occur.

MoveUP has reiterated its requests of employers we initially sent and have asked Employers to continue working with the Union.

In Solidarity,

Kelly Quinn
Union Representative

File Number: 20-KQ-UNITS-COVID19-what-moveup-is-requesting-from-your-employer-update-#-2-march-24
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