CAPU – Registrar’s Office Restructuring Update

March 8, 2016

To all MoveUP Members at Capilano University:

On February 25, the university met with MoveUP members employed in the Registrar’s Office to advise that it was restructuring the department. Impacted employees were advised that the university had come to an agreement with your union in order to minimize the impact on employees, under which impacted employees would be provided until March 4 to select from the new positions being created. The selection process would be subject to seniority and employees declining to make a selection would be provided with layoff options under Article 12 of your collective agreement.

Section 54 of the Labour Relations Code requires that an employer provide a union with 60 days’ notice if it “introduces or intends to introduce a measure, policy, practice or change that affects the terms, conditions or security of employment of a significant number of employees”, and that the parties meet in good faith to come up with an “adjustment plan” to address the change and the impact on employees. Article 24 of your collective agreement similarly requires the university to provide notice the union, and for the parties to meet within 30 days and attempt to minimize the impact on employees. Article 29 of your collective agreement requires the university to consult with employees prior to the implementation of a permanent change in a work area or in working procedures.

Following the February 25 meeting, the union met with the university to advise that the union had not received appropriate notice or agreed to a suitable adjustment plan. In particular, the union advised that it disagreed with the short selection period being provided to impacted employees, and that it disagreed with the lack of consultation with affected individuals. Constructive talks took place in which the university agreed to extend the selection period from March 4 to March 22. The university also agreed to provide all impacted employees with the opportunity to consult with management one-on-one during working hours to ask questions and clarify concerns prior to the selection deadline. Individuals declining to make a selection prior to the selection deadline will continue to be subject to the layoff provisions of Article 12 of your collective agreement.

We thank all impacted MoveUP members for their patience during a challenging time. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Union Representatives Tony Geluch or Mike Novak.

The new jobs being created are also in the process of being reviewed by the union to ensure that they have been assigned the appropriate pay grouping by the university. Should you have any questions respecting the status of the job evaluations, please contact MoveUP’s Union Representative responsible for job evaluation, Ryan Stewart.

In solidarity,

Tony Geluch, Union Representative
Mike Novak, Union Representative
Ryan Stewart, Union Representative

File Number: 16-CAPU-BLTN-Registrar's Office Restructuring-Mar 8
Union Label: TG/sh:usw 2009

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