BCGEU – Revisiting Workload Concerns

April 8, 2016

To all MoveUP Members at the BCGEU:

MoveUP continues to receive reports of members at the BCGEU struggling with unmanageable workloads. In some cases, members have reported working through their breaks and performing unpaid overtime to compensate. In others, members have shared their concerns with MoveUP but have said the issues had not been raised with the BCGEU. In order to address workload concerns, MoveUP members must stop working through breaks and unpaid overtime and start requesting additional help from the BCGEU when required.

Taking Breaks and Leaving On Time

Breaks are important because they can be reenergizing when needed the most. We know our members take pride in their work and want to do their best to get work done in a timely manner. However, working through breaks and performing unpaid overtime is not the best way to resolve workload issues as it continues to allow a perception that the workload is manageable, when it is not.

Requesting Help

If specific workload concerns are not brought to the attention of the BCGEU, there is no way to address them. If you find yourself with an unmanageable workload, you should make a request for additional help though the SDC, Coordinator or Staff Rep. This is the only way we can advocate for workload issues to be addressed.

If you request additional help through the appropriate channels and have that request denied, please make notes of the circumstances and forward them to a MoveUP member of the Joint Labour/Management Committee.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,
Ryan Stewart, Union Representative

File Number: 16-BCGEU-BLTN-Work Load Issues-Apr 8
Union Label: RS:sh usw2009

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