BCGEU – Addressing Workload Concerns

October 1, 2015

To all MoveUP Members at the BCGEU:

In response to questions members have raised with Job Stewards and following a discussion of the issue at a recent meeting of the Joint Labour/Management Committee, I would like to remind members how to address workload concerns that may arise.

If you find yourself facing an actual workload challenge, i.e. more work than you think you can reasonably complete, you should raise the issue with the Senior Departmental Clerk (SDC) who could inform the Coordinator. If you work in an area without an SDC, inform the appropriate Coordinator directly. Ask for the tasks you are expected to perform that day to be prioritized, complete the prioritized tasks first, and at the end of the day advise the SDC or Coordinator in writing what you were able and unable to complete.

If you find yourself anticipating a future workload challenge, the matter should be raised with the SDC or Regional Secretary (RS) (Areas 3 & 4), who could inform the Coordinator. If you work in an area without an SDC or RS, inform the appropriate Coordinator directly. The Coordinator could then arrange for additional temporary staff or otherwise work with you to address the workload issue.

While the desire to complete tasks is a sign of a responsible and dedicated employee, you should not work for free through scheduled breaks or after your day has ended. By informing the BCGEU of workload concerns via the SDC, RS or coordinator, you are not only helping ensure the BCGEU is aware of potential under-resourcing so it could be addressed, but also protecting your wellbeing and collective agreement rights. This is ultimately in the best interests of both the BCGEU and our members.

In solidarity,

Ryan Stewart, Union Representative

File Number: 15-BCGEU-BLNT-Workload Concerns
Union Label: RS/sh:usw2009


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