BCCD – Section 54 notice received regarding new dispatch system

August 3, 2016

To: All MoveUP members at BCCD (Yellow Cabs)

MoveUP has received notification from your employer that they intend to introduce an automated dispatch system (link to notice) and, as a result, significantly reduce staff.  

Section 54 of the British Columbia Labour Code requires the union and your employer to meet to endeavour to develop an adjustment plan for the transition. MoveUP is making arrangements for a meeting with your employer to acquire more details of how your employer intends to move forward with your intended changes and what kind of impact it will have on our members. MoveUP will then determine next steps. Once we have more information we will share it with you.

In solidarity,

Sarah Melsness,
Union Representative

File Number:
Union Label: SM/ae:usw2009

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