AVIS – Common Employer Application and WorkShare Update

February 10, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at Avis

Your union would like to update you on a couple of important items.

As previously reported, MoveUP has been declared the bargaining agent for both Budget and Avis by the Labour Relations Board (LRB) now that both brands have the same ownership.  Your union has met with both the employer and the other union and some progress was made towards transitioning all members to the superior MoveUP collective agreement.  Unfortunately, there is a difference of opinion between the parties about how to utilize the newly created dovetailed seniority list.  The disagreement required the parties to go back to the LRB assigned Vice-Chair and seek further direction about how to proceed.  The deadline for submissions from the parties is February 19, 2021.  The Vice-Chair has been advised that there is an urgency to having the process move forward and he has committed to providing a relatively quick decision.  Your union will provide the updated seniority list and transition details as soon as the process has been completed.

One of the most significant issues the parties have been addressing is the fact that the Budget collective agreement only provides six months of recall rights rather than the twenty-four months contained in the MoveUP collective agreement.  This situation placed many long term laid off Budget members in a very precarious situation.  We are pleased to announce that your union has reached a settlement whereby all members will have twenty-four months of recall rights from their original dates of layoff.

Due to further downturns in the business owing to travel restrictions across Canada and the world, management advised your union that it would be reducing work hours.  We were told that the reduction of hours could be addressed by either layoffs or a return to the WorkShare program.  While neither option was particularly appealing, following discussions with your job stewards and feedback from members the decision was made to utilize WorkShare in the hope that it would prevent further layoffs.  Your union is appreciative of all the input received as we made such a difficult decision.

We are sure it is not surprising that your union has been asked with increasing frequency about the prognosis at Avis moving forward. This question is being asked by members from all of the rental car companies.  Unfortunately, there are no clear answers beyond what is publicly available.  The world continues to struggle with the pandemic and the new strains of COVID-19 have only added to the challenges we face. The new strains have led to tightened travel measures and we have all seen the impacts of that on the car rental industry.  Your union will continue to monitor the number of rentals being done by the employer and we will advocate for our members to be returned to full hours and to have members recalled as soon as possible.

If you are receiving this email from a source other than directly from MoveUP please contact membershipship@moveuptogher.ca in order to ensure that we have your correct email address.

In Solidarity,

Shawn Lakusta, Union Representative
Christy Slusarenko, Vice-President of Combined Units

File Number: 21-AVIS-BLTN-Common Employer Application and WorkShare Update-February 9
Union Label: SL/LJ: USW2009


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