ABSBC – Attendance Management Program Grievance Update

June 8, 2016

To: All MoveUP members at Accenture Business Services

The Union filed a policy grievance on February 15, 2016 in response to the implementation of the Employer’s Attendance Management Program.  Although the Employer has a right to manage their employees’ attendance by implementing such a program, there were certain aspects of the program that the Union found to be unreasonable.   The policy grievance was filed specifically to address these issues. 

The parties have met several times since the initiation of the grievance and we have reached a resolution.  The following issues were addressed and resolved as follows:

  1. The Union requested that the Employer lengthen the 3 stage, 9 month program as it is too short of a time frame to adequately measure unacceptable levels of absenteeism.  There could potentially be cases where the program ends at 9 months and the initial absences which put the employees into the program had not yet fallen off of the rolling 12 month calendar.

The Employer has agreed with our request to extend the period and the program has been increased by another stage that will now run for 12 months rather than 9 months, at which time the Employer will review each employee’s absenteeism history. 

  1. The Union had concerns with the wording in the initial letter in respect to “jeopardizing your job”.  In the first letter, the wording comes across as threatening which leads the employees to believe that they would lose their job if they remained on the program.  This is not necessarily the case, as each individual’s circumstances have to be taken into account.  We requested a re-write to soften the language at the onset.

The Employer rewrote the template in the initial letter which now states:

“We trust that you understand that continued monitoring within the Attendance Management Program could potentially place your employment in jeopardy in the future due to non-culpable absenteeism.”

  1. The Union inquired into the Employer’s position with respect to an employee being identified as having an underlying medical condition and whether or not they would continue to be monitored under the program.

The Employer confirmed that they would be reviewing each case individually and if someone provides medical documentation to support an underlying medical condition that would expect a certain level of absenteeism.  They would then keep them on the program until the next 3-month follow up meeting where they would be removed as long as their attendance stayed within the threshold that was identified.

The Union will continue to monitor the program and address any future concerns that may arise directly with the Employer.  In the meantime, we have advised the Employer that we will be addressing any disciplinary action that we deem to be unjust by filing a grievance on an individual basis.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Attendance Management Program, you should contact your Union Job Steward or Union Representative for assistance.

In solidarity,

Cheryl Popeniuk, Union Representative

File Number: 16-0041
Union Label: CP:cm usw2009

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