ABS – New Compliance Metrics Requirement

December 23, 2016

To: Accenture Business Services Vancouver & Vernon Call Ctr Agents

The Union attended a meeting with your employer on December 5, 2016, in order to discuss  a concern the call centre agents have raised  about  the changes made to the compliance metric and how it will have a detrimental effect to your statistics.  The Employer, in order to simplify the process had reduced the metric of 95% compliance (allowing for adjustments) to 93% compliance (without  adjustments).   Once the change was implemented some of our members have been taking shorter breaks in order avoid exceeding the new 93% compliance requirement. 

We have been assured by your employer that this new process is easily achievable and that the 93% requirement should be attainable.  Any substantial interruptions should be submitted for review, and  adjusted if need be and a buffer of 32 minutes per day is provided to account for unavoidable interruptions (calculated over the period of a month). 

Therefore, we are reminding you that you need to take your full entitlement of breaks as per the collective agreement.  In order for us to determine whether or not the new process is working, we need to review the correct data that would result under normal circumstances.  If we discover that the metric is unachievable without allowing adjustments  and being reduced to 93% we will address it with Accenture, however, we cannot get a clear picture if the members are adjusting their hours by shorting their breaks.

If you require further information regarding the above,  please do not hesitate to contact your job steward or union representative.


In solidarity,

Cheryl Popeniuk,
Union Representative.

File Number: 16-ABS-New Compliance Metrics Requirement
Union Label: ks/usw2009


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