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A "Fair and Equitable Workload"

Article 33 of your collective agreement sets out the criteria for fair and equitable workloads at the university. It explicitly states an employee’s workload must be fair and reasonable when compared with the workload of other employees.

If you feel that your workload is excessive compared to others, you may take the issue to the Joint Workload Review Committee. The committee will review the complaint and issue recommendations.

Joint Workload Review Committee

When complaints about workload are received, MoveUP and CapU will appoint and equal number of representatives each to form a Joint Workload Review Committee.

The committee will investigate complaints about workload and make recommendations for corrective action if warranted.

You may be asked if you are willing to be appointed to sit on a Joint Workload Review Committee. If this happens, you would be paid as normal for the time spent on committee business.


If you are feeling overloaded and are looking for solutions, or if you need advice on dealing with a situation surrounding workload issues, please do not hesitate to talk to your job steward, or email the union office at

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