Work-Related Injuries or Illness

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If you are injured or become ill

If you are injured or become ill, and you or your doctor believes the injury/illness is related to your work, you must report the incident/accident to your supervisor or manager. You, your employer and your doctor are required to complete WCB forms. If you have seen an Occupational First Aid Attendant at work they will be required to complete a form as well. The number to phone in a report to the WCB, if necessary, is 1-888-967-5377.

The Workers’ Compensation Act prescribes what must be investigated by the employer with the assistance of a representative from the joint health and safety committee, or a worker representative for a workplace of 9-19 workers.

Why you need to report

If you do not report an injury or near miss you or your coworkers may not get the benefits you should be entitled to under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

The employer cannot punish you for filing a WCB claim or discriminate against you for reporting unsafe working conditions to the WCB.

If you feel your working conditions are not safe

If you feel the conditions of your workplace are unsafe you should follow the WCB OHS Regulation, section 3.12 and contact both your employer and the MoveUP Occupational Health and Safety Co-ordinator Steve Milne immediately.

Contact:, 604-299-0378/1-800-665-6838 (toll-free)

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