What is a Job Steward and How Do I Become One?

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What is a Job Steward?

Job stewards are members who volunteer to be the eyes and ears of the union in workplaces. Your local job steward can help you read and interpret your collective agreement, resolve issues at work and act as your conduit to the union office.

If you have a MoveUP executive councillor in your workplace, they also act as a job steward. If you don’t have a steward, consider volunteering!

What Does a Job Steward Do?

Stewards make a difference in the workplace. Some of the things a steward might do are:

  • Sit in on disciplinary meetings to make sure coworkers are treated fairly
  • Distribute important information
  • Maintain the union bulletin boards
  • File grievances when the collective agreement isn’t being followed 
You and Your Coworkers Have a Voice

A job steward lets the union staff and elected officers know what is going on in your workplace, such as:

  • Workplace health and safety concerns
  • Management favouritism, unfairness or abuses
  • Unmanageable workloads.

That way, they can be addressed through grievances or collective bargaining.

Training and Support

MoveUP provides numerous training and educational opportunities for job stewards, including an annual job steward seminar. We also send stewards to training through the Canadian Labour Congress winter school, health and safety workshops and much more.

In addition, stewards work closely with union staff and elected representatives, who are there to offer you all the support and guidance you need.

Become a Steward

We need more stewards in each and every worksite to help represent members, keep the union office informed of what the issues are and to make sure the employer is following your collective agreement.

Does your worksite already have a job steward? That’s ok. Worksites can and should have more than one steward so there is coverage if one is away or in case multiple issues come up at once.

If you’re interested in becoming a steward or learning more, you can talk to an existing steward or councillor at your workplace, or email info@moveuptogether.ca.

Here is the link to the PDF of "What is a Job Steward and How Do I Become One."

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