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Vote for your Preferred Sign-Up Frequency

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
TO: All General Security Patrol and General Investigations Officers at Coast Mtn

As you know, the MoveUP members in the Transit Security Department  recently ratified a series of changes. Among these changes was the amalgamation of the General Security Patrol (GSP) and General Investigations Officer (GIO) positions into a new Transit Security Officer role.

As a result of this, all former GSP and GIO staff will now be one group for the purposes of signing shifts. Since the two groups had different sign-up frequencies prior to these changes, it is necessary for us to determine the frequency of the sign-ups going forward for the new amalgamated group.

Please vote by selecting your preferred option from the attached survey.

Please ensure that your vote is submitted by end of day on  Friday, September 22, 2017. Once all votes are received and tabulated a bulletin will be sent to all members notifying you of the results.

In solidarity, 

Stephen Von Sychowski
Union Representative

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