Voluntary Sick Leave Support Program - BC Hydro

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Your sick leave support plan

BC Hydro offers a voluntary sick leave support plan. It is run by the third-party administrator Acclaim.

Participation is not mandatory.

What are the benefits?

While your union is cautious about Acclaim and continues to monitor the program, there are some benefits to members. Acclaim can:

  • Coordinate a variety of treatments and services when required;
  • Assist you in finding medical assistance if you do not have a family doctor;
  • Arrange for expedited access to testing or treatments;
  • Assess services like physio and counselling; and
  • Conduct a physical demand analysis of your job for return to work.

How to apply for LTD?

When applying for Long Term Disability (LTD), Acclaim can advise the HR Administrator in advance to help facilitate your claim.

If you have any difficulties during either process, contact your job steward or union representative.

What if I don't want to participate?

Acclaim will contact you and all you have to do is advise them you don’t want to participate.

If you decline to use Acclaim you will need to substantiate your medical illness by supplying a medical note to your manager or going through the Return to Work process outlined in Article 15.07(a) of your collective agreement.

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