Valley First Credit Union

Who is MoveUP?

The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378 represents about 12,000 employees in the public and private sector. Almost 6,000 of our members are in insurance and banking. Credit Unions are a vital part of our union. We welcome Valley First Credit Union employees to learn more about MoveUP and the successes we’ve had with other credit unions.

Hi, I’m Sarah Melsness. I began my credit union career a number of years ago and quickly became a COPE job steward. I was pleased to help negotiate a very good collective agreement. I now work for MoveUP as a union representative, and I’m passionate about bringing the benefits of our union to all credit union employees. My focus is Valley First Credit Union. I want to help Valley First employees get better wages, benefits, job security and job opportunities. Together, we can make your workplace better. To learn more, contact me!
toll free: 1-800-665-6838

Who are our members?

MoveUP represents workers at the following financial and insurance institutions: 

Ask our team!

Meet Caitlin, Georgi and Emma. Caitlin and Georgi work for MoveUP and help bring the protection of the union to new members. Emma is a COPE member employed at a credit union in a smaller community. They’re here to answer your questions.

Check back for new questions! We’ll be posting them (without attribution – our biggest priority is protecting your privacy) as they come in.

Q: What are union dues?

A: Membership dues go toward all of the services MoveUP will provide for you and your coworkers – things like contract negotiations with your employer, union training and representing workers who file grievances. You don’t pay dues until you vote to accept your first collective agreement. Once that’s done, MoveUP's dues are 1.5 percent of your gross pay. Our dues are lower than most unions and are tax-deductible.

Q: What will change if we are in the union?

A: That’s up to you. We don’t promise a certain wage increase or medical benefit because the process is about giving you a voice and negotiating with your employer. We work with you on the issues systematically and the results depend on what you and your coworkers decide should be improved. What we can promise is that when you join MoveUP, we are on your team and by your side. Typically, with a first collective agreement, members may see increases to wages and benefits. You will also get to access the grievance procedure if, for some reason, your employer doesn’t follow your new collective – something that non-union workers do not have.

Q. Where can I find a copy of the LRB decision regarding Valley First and MoveUP?

A: Right here!$2014.pdf