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Your Vacation Entitlements

Your union has negotiated vacation entitlements into your collective agreement so you can better balance your work and personal life. Your time off lets you spend quality time with family, pursue activities and hobbies and rest and take care of yourself.

Article 17 of your collective agreement contains provisions for taking vacation.

Timing and Selection

Your vacation is calculated by the calendar year. All regular employees accumulate time and are granted vacation during the year. Temporary employees are paid a percentage of gross earnings in lieu of vacation.

Vacation schedules are settled in each department with approval of the administrative head. If you wish to split your time, the second choice of dates is made only after all other employees in your area have made their initial selection.

Should any other approved leave of absence occur during scheduled vacation time (e.g. bereavement or sick leave), it will take precedence and you will not lose vacation days. Please see article 17.07 for your requirements to document sick days during your vacation.

Displaced vacation days shall be taken at a later time that is mutually acceptable to you and CapU.

Vacation Carry-over

Employees, other than bridge employees, are required to take a minimum of two weeks vacation each year.

You may bank any vacation in excess of that up to a maximum of eight weeks. If you have banked the maximum, you must take any excess prior to the end of each calendar year.

Should you have any questions, please consult with your job steward or email


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