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You are the Union

An important concept in labour relations is the recognition of your union as your sole representative when bargaining a new collective agreement.

Article 4 of your collective agreement states that MoveUP is the sole and exclusive “bargaining agent”, or representative, for all Berlitz employees covered under the collective agreement.


Workers fought long and hard in the 19th and 20th centuries to ensure employers recognized their democratically-elected unions as the voice for workers.

Before the law set out the process for union recognition, an employer was free to disregard the union, even if most employees belonged to it. That way they could negotiate different things with different people, and that resulted in people doing the same work but being treated unequally.

Recognition Today

Today, your collective agreement ensures that Berlitz respects your right to belong to MoveUP and agrees to negotiate with the union to arrive at an agreement for all members.

This means if changes are made to your employment or conditions at work, Berlitz must advise, consult and/or negotiate with your union, depending on the issue.

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