Right to Respect Picket Lines

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Why We Respect Picket Lines

Sometimes when negotiating a collective agreement a union may find its members locked out or may find it has no other choice but to go on strike. The idea of a strike is simple: if the conditions and terms of work are no longer acceptable to the workers, and if the union has been unable to make improvements through negotiation, the workers withdraw their labour.

While strikes are often a last resort, they are an important tool and a recognized right for unions.

In some cases MoveUP members may find their workplaces picketed by members of another union that is on strike. When we stand with our brothers and sisters from other unions by refusing to cross their picket line we help put added pressure on their employer. Many other unions’s struggles are linked to our own and we need to remember that one day we may need their support in our own disputes.

Will I Lose Pay or Benefits?

When you respect another union’s legal picket line, it’s as if you are on strike with COPE. The union will work with your job stewards to ensure members receive picket pay if they lose regular pay. The union will also arrange with your employer to continue benefits on your behalf as long as you are off work for more than half a day. Once you are back at work you will be required to reimburse the union for your benefit payment

What Happens if I Cross?

The MoveUP constitution (section 16.1) allows for a member to bring a charge against another member for crossing a picket line (ours or another union’s) within six months.

After the charge is fully investigated via the process laid out in the constitution, the member may be subject to discipline (section 16.4).

Your Rights

All of the workplaces listed below have the right to refuse to cross a legal picket line without fear of discipline.

A picket line is considered legal unless it is found to be illegal, either by a Labour Relations Board ruling or by the courts. An employer does not get to decide the legality of a picket line.

Workplaces Covered By This Guide

AMS & AMS Security
BC Computerized Dispatch
BC Federation of Labour
BC Ferry & Marine Workers Union
BC Nurses Union
Beach Place Ventures
Bonny’s Taxi
Burvic Holdings
Canadian Freightways
Canadian Northern Shield
Capilano University
Carpenters Local 1928
Coastal Community Credit Union
Coastal Community Insurance
College of Reigstered Nurses
Columbia Valley Credit Union
Community Savings Credit Union
Coral Cabs
CUPE BC & Locals
CUPE 374
CUPE 454
CUPE 1978
CUPE 3338
DA Townley
Dollar Thrifty
G& F Credit Union
Handy Pack
Hastings Racetrack

ICBC (see ICBC-specific guide)
Island Savings Credit Union
ITT Flygt (Xylem)
IWA Forest Industry Pension Plan
Kekinox Native Housing
Konica Minolta
Ladysmith & District Credit Union
Lu’Ma Native Housing
MacLure’s Cabs
Marine Workers and Boilermakers
Master Trade Office
New Democratic Party
Open Solutions
Pacific Vehicle Testing
Seaspan Interntaional
SEIU 244
Teamsters Local 31
Teamsters Local 155
Teamsters Local 213
Teamsters Local 213 Member
Benefit Plan
Teletheatre BC
Tree Island
United Fishermen & Allied Worker   Union
Vancouver Shipyards
Vancouver Taxi
VantageOne Credit Union
Victoria Trade Union
Westminster Savings Credit Union
Working Enterprises

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