Reinstatement of Seniority - BC Hydro

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I have my seniority reinstated if I am a previous BC Hydro employee?

A: Yes, if you have five or more years of previous seniority as a MoveUP member at BC Hydro you may have it reinstated.

Q: How do I apply to have my seniority reinstated?

A: You must email or write to MoveUP with your intent to reinstate seniority within two years of starting a full-time temporary, full-time regular, part-time regular or casual position.

Q: Does my notice of intent to reinstate need approval?

A: Yes. You must satisfy all other terms and conditions of reinstatement, as determined by the union.

Q: Who notifies the employer?

A: Your union gives notice to BC Hydro at the time reinstatement of seniority is to take effect.

Your Collective Agreement

Review Article 6 in your collective agreement for issues relating to seniority.

Talk to your job steward or call the union office if you have any questions about seniority or other items in your collective agreement.

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