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MoveUP Members in Public Sector Will Receive Raise in February

Friday, November 17, 2017
To: All MoveUP Members in the Public Sector

MoveUP members working in the public sector will be receiving a raise of .4% in February, thanks to BC’s growing economy.

Last week, the provincial government announced that higher than expected economic growth has triggered the Economic Stability Dividend (ESD.) This was negotiated in the last round of bargaining (2014) and is in addition to all other general wage increases in our collective agreement. 

How is ESD calculated? 

To activate the ESD, the GDP growth for British Columbia must exceed predictions by the independent Economic Forecast Council. The wage increase is calculated based on 50% of the positive difference between its forecast and Statistics Canada’s data.

This is the third of four potential dividends. In 2016 we received a .45% increase, then in 2017 another .35% and for 2018 .4%.

Please check your first paycheque in February to ensure that it is included.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the province remains on track to be one of Canada’s strongest economies in 2017 and 2018 as most private sector economists, banks and economic think-tanks are forecasting that British Columbia will continue to record real GDP growth that ranks among the best in Canada.

In Solidarity,

David Black, President
Lori Mayhew, Secretary Treasurer
Gwenne Farrell, Vice President, Utilities
Annette Toth, Vice President, ICBC
Alicia Gallo, Vice President, Combined Units

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