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MoveUP Bulletin: BCGEU - Requesting a Union Observer for a Job Selection Panel

Monday, May 2, 2016
To all MoveUP members at the BCGEU:

In order to make the process of appointing a Union Observer for job selection panels more efficient, and also to maintain the anonymity of the MoveUP member(s) making such requests, we ask that the following request process be followed:

  1. Members who intend to apply to a job posting and who wish to have a Union Observer present if selected for an interview should make a request directly of MoveUP by email to as soon as possible, and in any event no later than the stated closing of the posting.
  2. MoveUP will then:
    • inform the Union Observers that a request has been received without disclosing the identity of the requester. The Union Observers will advise MoveUP who is next up on the Union Observer rotation. (The name of the Union Observer is then forwarded to MoveUP President David Black for formal appointment);
    • inform the BCGEU of the Union Observer appointment and request the dates, times and location(s) of interview(s);
    • provide notice to the requester that a Union Observer has been appointed; and
    • provide the appropriate instruction memo and forms to the Union Observer.

The Job Stewards appointed as Union Observers for the Lower Mainland (including HQ and FVAO) are Sherry Baker, Helen Cameron, Korleen Carreras and Michelle Medeiros. For selection panels held outside the Lower Mainland, Job Stewards are appointed as Union Observers on an ad hoc basis. Union Observers are appointed by President Black and are obliged to observe the selection panels in accordance with MoveUP’s instructions. Other than observing the process used by the BCGEU and reporting back to MoveUP, Union Observers have no role in the selection process itself.

By having members make requests directly of the Union office with the maximum possible advance notice, MoveUP should be able to accommodate more requests and troubleshoot potential problems, while also ensuring requesters’ identities remain private.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,
Ryan Stewart, Union Representative

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