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Job Postings

Article 25 of your collective agreement contains all the rules surrounding job postings and appointments. For instance:

  • All job openings of one month or more not filled through a previous incumbency process shall be postedat the university.
  • All postings must contain applicable class specification information and criteria, including: job title; nature of position; required qualifications, knowledge and skills; salary range; and work day and work week.
  • All employees are eligible to apply to any position posted.
  • CapU will provide MoveUP with a copy of all new or reclassified job postings.

Among the candidates who have the required knowledge, skills and abilities, the candidate with the most seniority shall be offered the job. This prevents discrimination or favouritism in the hiring process.

However, candidates with less than 375 hours of seniority will not have seniority counted for the purpose of appointments to regular positions.

Right to Grieve

A regular employee cannot file a grievance if a vacancy is filled by an employee on layoff or due to technical change. However, should a vacancy be filled by a junior candidate, any senior employee who feels they meet the qualifications and experience may contact the union office to file a grievance.

If you are unsuccessful in a posting and concerned about the process, talk to your job steward or email

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