Job Evaluation

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Changes in your job description

Changes in technology, employer responses to market forces, government legislation, workplace re-organization or other reasons can lead to changes in job classifications.

Compensation is partly determined by assigning a value to the duties in your job description.

One of the tools available to MoveUP members at BC Hydro in the face of such change is the job evaluation process.

The evaluation process is the method the parties use to assess what pay scale correctly applies to any particular job.

When does job evaluation apply?

If BC Hydro adds or subtracts duties from a job description, the new description may be a better fit for a higher or lower wage scale.

This type of change to a job description can trigger the job evaluation process.

Collective agreement

Article 2 of your collective agreement outlines the process for job evaluation. A COPE member may initiate the review under specific circumstances:

“If a significant change has occurred in the employee’s duties or if new duties which are significant in nature have been added to the job.”

In such a case, this question will be asked: is the evaluation of the job correct or is there a different job description which better describes the duties of the employee?

The process

MoveUP and BC Hydro have developed a complex and comprehensive process for job evaluation, as outlined in Article 2.

If you believe your job is currently incorrectly evaluated, the first step should be to talk to your job steward.

If you and your steward agree that there has been a significant change in your duties, the next step will be to speak with MoveUP Job Evaluation Officer Ryan Stewart. Please email the MoveUP office if you would like to pursue the issue.

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