We Work. You Drive. We Both Deserve Better.

Since 1974, MoveUP members working at ICBC have been serving our province, helping to ensure safer roads and affordable, equitable, and quality car insurance coverage. Our members have worked with BC drivers to build ICBC into the profitable corporation we see today.

But while the BC Liberal government raids over one billion dollars of ICBC profits and auto body shops, lawyers, other business partners and executives are all receiving increased compensation from ICBC, workers are being denied the same recognition of their contribution, and BC drivers are being told there’s no money to reduce rates.

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Note: This video was originally released in the fall of 2011. Since that time the amount of the dividends the government is taking from ICBC has exceeded $1 billion. The situation for ICBC employees and BC drivers has not changed.

Key Facts

  • The BC Liberal government has raided millions of ICBC profits each year for general revenue. At the current rate, they’ll have taken $1.2 billion by 2014.
  • ICBC has increased compensation for auto body shops, lawyers, and other professionals who have contracts with ICBC (see table below).
  • ICBC workers have not received an increase in wages or benefits since 2009.
  • Drivers have not seen substantial rate reductions in over 5 years.

ICBC has also proposed changes to staffing levels through the Transformation Project that we are concerned could jeopardize ICBC’s ability to continue providing quality service to British Columbians. It’s time to stand together and demand a deal that reflects the contributions workers and drivers make to ICBC.


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