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Empowering Stewards: New Procedure for Filing Grievances

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
To All BC Hydro & Powertech members at MoveUP:

As of May 20, 2016 MoveUP introduced a new procedure regarding the handling of members’ complaints and grievances. We believe this change will empower our stewards and members, make grievance resolution much swifter, and focus union resources on big, systemic issues that will have the greatest impact for the most members.

All complaints and grievances are to go through a job steward (executive councillors and board members are also job stewards).  Job stewards will be responsible for handling grievances at Stage 1 and 2. We’ve invested time and training into your local job stewards to ensure they have the information and the confidence they need to be your best advocates. 

Grievance filing will be coordinated through the union office once the job steward and grievor have completed the appropriate grievance form(s) and all other necessary documents. 

The job stewards notify, then update the union office with all information at Step 1 and Step 2 of the grievance procedure. If a grievance is not resolved at Stage 2, the union representative responsible for that area will handle the Stage 3 grievance meeting. 

Therefore, please be sure to contact your local job steward regarding issues and grievances in your area. Attached is a list of job stewards and their locations. At any time you can call or email to get an updated list of stewards. If there are no job stewards in your area, please contact the job steward closest to your area.

This change will strengthen the union’s presence in your worksite and make us much more efficient and effective advocates on your behalf.

In solidarity,

Barbara Junker, Union Representative
Tony Geluch, Union Representative



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