MoveUP Elections

MoveUP Executive Council Elections

The term for executive councillors will be three (3) years, ending April 30, 2020.

Executive council is the senior policy making body of the union. Executive council members are responsible for policy issues, the annual budget and all major financial decisions.There is one executive councillor for every 80-100 members. There are a minimum of five council meetings each year.

Councillors bring forward suggestions from stewards and members on the ways the union can improve its policies and services to the members. These issues are debated at council meetings. Councillors also act as chief job stewards, recruiting and advising job stewards in their constituency.

More detailed information can be found in the MoveUP constitution. Information on the composition of executive council and duties of executive councillors can be found in Article 7, and detailed information on election procedures can be found in Article 10.

If you have any questions contact Returning Officer Michelle Medeiros at  

Nominations closed at 4:30pm on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. The full list of acclaimed, contested and vacant positions can be found here.

Please click here to view an update for EC #1534 at FortisBC Energy Inc. 

Notices of Election by Workplace:

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