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Jury duty without top-ups

From time to time, car rental employees are required to perform a civic duty by serving on a jury.

Most non-union employees in this situation would have to take a leave of absence without pay.

The only pay jurors usually receive from the court is as follows:

$20 a day for the first 10 days
$60 a day for the 11th to 49th days
$100 a day for 50 or more days

Top-up pay

Your collective agreement requires your employer to top-up your pay if you are called to serve on a jury. That means you would receive the difference between your usual pay and your jury pay.

For example, if you usually receive $120 at work in a day and you receive $20 from the court, your employer must pay $100 top-up.

Some employers will also pay top-up if you are called to be a witness in court. Check your collective agreement to see if this applies to you (articles listed below for reference).

Your collective agreement

Each MoveUP member employee is entitled to the difference between their regular classified rate of pay and the amount allowed under the court for their jury service.

Here are the articles where you can find that info in your collective agreement:

  • Avis: 28.05
  • Dollar Thrifty: 28.01(b)
  • Hertz: Article 28.01 (c)
  • National Alamo: 29.05
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