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Coast Mountain Bus - Return to Work & Illness

Thursday, June 15, 2017
To: All MoveUP members at CMBC

It has been brought to the attention of MoveUP that managers have been contacting members at their place of residence with regards to return to work or illness. If a manager contacts you at your place of residence please advise the manager that you are going to seek the advice of your Union before you disclose any information. Please then contact a Job Steward who then can advise you and participate in any conversation with the employer. You are entitled to medical privacy under the collective agreement and also the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). The Union wants to ensure that your medical privacy rights are protected.

The Union will be pursuing this matter through the grievance procedure to ensure our members' rights are being protected and will keep you updated on this issue.

In Solidarity, 

Alicia Gallo, Vice-President of Combined Units
Mike Novak, Union Representative


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