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Coast Mountain Bus Co. - Follow-up on new Depot Overtime LOA

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
to all depot coordinators and depot workleaders at CMBC

On April 18 I issued a bulletin attached here regarding the new Letter of Agreement regarding depot overtime distribution. Since that time I have received a number of inquiries regarding part 3) c) of the LOA. This part deals with the assignment of "short-notice" overtime; overtime which starts less than eight hours from the time it is being offered. The LOA states that these types of the assignments may be offered to the first Depot Coordinator to express interest.

When negotiating this LOA it was the intent of the parties that the 30 minutes period for Coordinators to respond would still be offered when possible for these short-notice assignments. However, where there is an immediate need to fill an overtime assignment, or it is otherwise impractical to wait for 30 minutes, then it may be filled by the first Coordinator to express interest.

Hopefully this provides some clarity as to the interpretation of that aspect of the LOA. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns regarding this.

In solidarity,

Stephen Von Sychowski
Union Representative

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