Class Specifications

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Class Specifications

Your union and CapU have an agreement that all jobs shall be fairly and equitably evaluated. All jobs must be covered by a class specification. The information and criteria for class specifications are laid out in Appendix “B” of your collective agreement.

Classification Review

A review of a person’s classification can be initiated by CapU, your union, or you.

If your job has undergone a significant change in duties or responsibilities, you can request a review in writing to Human Resources with a copy to MoveUP.

Next, representatives from Human Resources and MoveUP will review the request with you. They must look at the changes in duties you state occurred and, if possible, the date on which they occurred.

All reviews must be completed within sixty calendar days. If you are asked to provide more information you must provide it within twenty days or the review is abandoned.

What if I Disagree with my Review?

If you are unsatisfied with the results of your review, you have the right to appeal.

MoveUP Job Evaluation Officer Ryan Stewart will receive the results of your review and assist you in determining if you have grounds for an appeal. If so, she will work with you to complete this process.

The process can be lengthy, However, if your appeal is successful you may receive retroactive pay back to the date you requested the review.

Email Job Evaluation Officer Ryan Stewart at

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