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CCCU - Vacation Accrual While on Disability Leave

Friday, May 26, 2017
To: MoveUP Members at Coastal Community Credit Union

In January of this year it was brought to the Union’s attention one of our members who was on short term disability leave did not accrue paid vacation during the short term disability period. As a result the Union filed an individual grievance and a policy grievance when we discovered your Employer’s current policy was for employees to accrue time but not paid vacation while on short term or long term disability leave.

The policy grievance was advanced to arbitration in writing. As a result the Union and your Employer engaged in discussions on possible ways to settle the grievance. We understand that at some time in the past some of you may have received paid vacation accruals while on disability leave. Although your Employer granted this benefit they were not obligated to do so under the Collective Agreement. After much back and forth and research by the Union on behalf of our members we have agreed to the attached settlement which we believe is a reasonable settlement and provides a clear interpretation on a go forward basis on how vacation accruals work while on disability leave.

On a go forward basis full-time employees will accrue paid vacation accrual while they are on short term disability leave. Full-time employees will not accrue paid vacation while they are on long term disability leave.

Any full-time employee who was on short term disability any time since July 1, 2016 will earn paid vacation accruals during the short term disability leave period. As a consequence some of you may receive a retroactive vacation accrual adjustment.

The Union and your Employer have agreed on a without prejudice basis that anyone who returned from long term disability between the time period January 1, 2016 to May 15, 2017 will be credited with paid vacation accrual for the entire duration of the previous long term disability leave. Also we have agreed employees on long term disability who have been listed on the settlement agreement as being currently on long term disability leave will be credited with paid vacation accruals should they return to work from disability leave.

The Union has blanked out the names of individual members on the attached settlement in order to respect the privacy of those who are off on disability leave. Members specifically mentioned in the document have been contacted directly by the Union.

Please contact me directly ( if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

Sarah Melsness
Union Representative

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