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Canadian Freightways - Call for Job Stewards

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
To: All MoveUP members at Canadian Freightways

Job stewards are one of the most important roles in a union. Job Stewards provide information, insight and understanding to the staff and elected representatives at the MoveUP office, and offer support, guidance and assistance to their coworkers.

Becoming a Job Steward can be a very rewarding experience; you will learn more about yours and your coworkers' rights and how to stand up to make sure members in your workplace are treated fairly. There are regular opportunities for in-person training to learn the tools and knowledge you need to carry out your role, supplemented by online resources.

At Canadian Freightways we have a shortage of Job Stewards, which means you and your coworkers might not be getting the information and support you need. We need more stewards in each and every department  to help represent members, keep the union office informed of what the issues are in your workplace, and to make sure the employer is following your collective agreement. We are asking all of you to consider becoming a Job Steward. If your location already has a steward, that's okay. Every work location can and should have more than one steward so there is coverage if one is away or in case multiple issues arise at once.

If you are interested in volunteering as a steward or have questions, please email Heather Lee, Vice President at”

For more information on what a Job Steward does, you can read our online member guide attached here: "What is a Job Steward and How do I Become One?”

Thank you,

Heather Lee, MoveUP Vice-President
Tony Geluch, Union Representative

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