Pension Fairness

A Better CPP... Now, That's Fair!

We need to do something about retirement income.

Even bank economists have started to say RRSPs have failed. There’s too much risk and not enough security to ensure that, after a lifetime of work, people can retire and live out their last years in dignity. Too many of today’s seniors live in poverty and too many older workers are realizing their retirement plans have come up short because the investment returns they were promised never materialized or they simply could not save enough on their own.

The financial services industry pays itself juicy fees to manage your money and that eats up a big part of your retirement savings – if you have any retirement savings left when you are ready to retire, after the roller coaster dips and dives of the stock market.

The best way to help today’s workers save enough money for tomorrow is by increasing what everybody gets from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) as a share of their total retirement income.

Since 2010, Canada’s finance ministers have been talking about improving the CPP, but every time they get close to an agreement, the federal File 7259government gets in the way. At the same time, the labour movement has been advocating a modest, responsible plan that would double future CPP benefits on a fully-funded basis.

Expanding the CPP is about preparing for the future, and leaving behind a better system for our kids.

This isn’t a political issue. It’s an issue of fairness for all Canadians. The CLC has launched a country-wide petition drive to gather signatures from a million Canadians, asking the House of Commons to improve the CPP.

Join thousands of Canadians who are telling their Members of Parliament to increase pension benefits under the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans, and implement a fully funded plan to phase in such an increase without delay.

How can you help make change?

Sign the petition online here.

Download a PDF of the petition here and print them off for your workplace.

Petitions must be printed on legal-sized (8½” x 14”) white paper stock. Once completed, they can be sent to any of the CLC’s regional offices.

Pacific Region
5118 Joyce Street, Suite 201, Vancouver BC V5R 4H1

National Headquarters
2841 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON K1V 8X7


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