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BCH - Know your rights – Memorandum of Understanding #15

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
To all MoveUP members at BC Hydro:

With an unprecedented amount of work occurring at Site C and in other remote locations, more and more MoveUP members at BC Hydro are working under Memorandum of Understanding #15, which addresses working conditions for construction and field work employees. We have received several questions from MOU #15 workers and we hope that we can answer some of those questions here.

If you are a worker who falls under MOU #15, it is important that you understand that there are special working conditions that apply to you. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with MOU #15 and with your collective agreement. A copy of your collective agreement can be found here and an updated copy of MOU #15 can be found here.

Some of the different working conditions of MOU #15 employees include:

  • Possible extended shift schedules for employees employed at a project site, up to 18 days on/10 days off;
  • Reduced or eliminated notice periods when shifts are changed;
  • Elimination of seniority-based shift selection; and
  • Special provisions relating to travel time.

However, most Articles of the collective agreement apply to MOU #15 employees as they would to any other employee. Some of those Articles include:

  • Premium pay of 150% for working on a Sunday or stat holidays;
  • Shift premiums of 6.7% for work between 16:30 and midnight and 06:30 and 08:00, and 10% for work between midnight and 06:30;
  • All provisions relating to stand-by, call-outs and overtime.

MoveUP is in ongoing discussions with BC Hydro to ensure that workers under MOU #15 are treated fairly and that the workforce is able to meet the operational needs of the various projects.

If you are an MOU #15 worker and have any questions respecting your rights under the collective agreement or under MOU#15, do not hesitate to contact the union office and speak with a union representative.

In solidarity,

Tony Geluch, Union Representative

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