BCAA Medical Privacy

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Your Health is Your Business

Your health is a personal matter and your right to medical privacy is paramount. More and more, employers are seeking to gain access to more medical information than they are entitled to. Often, even the employers aren’t aware of the limitations on what they can ask for.

In other instances, your employer may have outsourced sick leave support or return-to-work services to an outside contractor that is attempting to acquire the information on their behalf.

You need to be vigilant about protecting your medical privacy and make sure not to disclose anything personal and private.

What Employers Can Ask For

There are specific areas of information your employer does have the right to. Your current collective agreement may require a certificate of disability outlining the date you were seen by a doctor, if you were too ill to work, when you can resume normal duties, and if further examinations will be required.

The collective agreements can also allow the employer to request further medical substantiation, but if you are unqure about whether a request made by your employer is allowable, consult your job steward or union rep.

Remember: employers are never entitled to a doctor’s diagnosis, only the prognosis as it pertains to any limitations and restrictions in doing your job.

Outside Health Contractors

In some cases, BCAA provides the services of rehabilitiation/return to work specialists who will ask for your medical information. They do not disclose this information to the employer.

While regular full-time employees have sick leaves adjudicated by the employer, for regular part-time +20 it is adjudicated by your insurer, SunLife.

We advise you to take reasonable caution about what information you provide. Feel free to consult a job steward if you have questions or feel the information you are being asked for is unreasonable.

Questions or Concerns?

If you are at all unsure about providing medical information requested by BCAA or an agent acting on their behalf, please check with your job steward.

If you have questions about what information your employer is entitled to, if a health and wellness plan is optional or mandatory, or any other concerns about sick leave, please contact your job steward.

If there is no job steward in your location or you do not know who your steward is, please contact your union represenative at the MoveUP office.

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